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The LOLsiepops Strike Again.

This time Basya’s going solo in a sketch inspired by Food Network hosts who get a little over-excited about their dishes. Written and performed by Basya (with editorial assistance and camera work by her mom). Enjoy!

New link to funny

Hey, you! Merry Christmas! Also…scroll down, waaaaay down. I put a link to a new posterous blog I started for my comedy writing. Cuz, you know, I don’t want to throw off the AF branding (danger: you will start talking about yourself in terms of “brand” when your husband leaves his old business school books [...]

Introducing: The LOLsiepops!

Well, we knew this day would come. The day that Basya and Dina decided they want to make the funny like their Mom. So, they formed a two-person sketch team and named it The LOLsiepops. This is their first video. They’re planning one a week until they make it big. I’m pretty sure they’ll be [...]

the rule of threes

I tried to explain to Bassie the comedy rule of threes the other day in the car. The example I gave was pretty pathetic, though. Something like, “Pack your bags for the trip, kids! You’ll need bug spray, snacks, and a ten foot garden hose!” Meh. Bassie’s response: “Oh, okay, I get it. Like, ‘This [...]