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Captive Audience

The elevator in our building is sort of like my daughters’ private little comedy training ground. If we’re alone in it they usually fight or keep silent, but if anyone else happens to find themselves in there with us, they’re going to get a show. Of course, as an improv comedian, I sort of can’t [...]

Are You Ready for Some Football?

So, guys, here’s the thing. Basya’s almost ten; Dina’s in third grade. I feel like we’ve turned a corner where the things they say are just, you know, awesome and hilarious things people say, and not necessarily awesome and hilarious because they’re kids. And I think maybe that’s why I haven’t been posting lately. But [...]

Good question.

Dina: What if a three year old walked into their parents’ room and saw them making out? Me: Oh, that happens sometimes. Dina: What would they say? “Why are you fighting?” “Uh, because it’s fun. But, uh, you shouldn’t do it to your friends.” Me: laughing hysterically, unable to talk Dina: (continuing) “Uh, it’s dinner [...]

My Mom, the Comedian

Here’s a little piece I just wrote. I liked writing it; now you like reading it.

too old for the universe

With all the snow falling in New England lately, we’ve got ourselves a whole lotta snow drifts on curbs. So sometimes the only way to get into the car is on the street side. This, of course, presents a danger to small children, so the other day, I told Dina to walk close to the [...]

I wrote this.

Just in time, apparently, for the day after

New link to funny

Hey, you! Merry Christmas! Also…scroll down, waaaaay down. I put a link to a new posterous blog I started for my comedy writing. Cuz, you know, I don’t want to throw off the AF branding (danger: you will start talking about yourself in terms of “brand” when your husband leaves his old business school books [...]

here’s the thing…

…I know I haven’t been posting frequently enough. I know. I’m bad. But I’ll tell you a secret: I tweet a lot. And a lot of the tweets are funny things the kids say. So if that’s why you read AF, you should just bite the bullet and get onto twitter. I’m @racheleklein. You’re welcome.

critics agree

Bassie: I bet my teacher will be surprised when I tell her that I think that the best movies I’ve ever seen are Roman Holiday and Jaws. Me: I don’t think she’ll be surprised at all. See (I go on imdb), both of them were nominated for Best Picture the year they were made. So [...]

Camp Klein: The Final Chapter

Some of you are wondering whatever happened to Camp Klein. I realize that in our excitement over our impending trip to Chicago, I had neglected to fill you in on the details of our last week. Highlights included: *Dina taking a day off from camp to babysit her little cousin Finn. She took her hard [...]