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Category Archives: the thoughtful spot

Not a Gleek, but still…

…I love everything about Kurt Hummel. The guy who plays his dad, Mike O’Malley, should get an Emmy for playing an openly-gay teenager’s father with such honesty, complexity, and love. Kurt’s voice may very well be the most beautiful on the show (and if they’d stop autotuning it maybe we could hear it!). And now [...]

I wrote this the other day.

…It’s about Jewish Day School. I told them I wasn’t sure they’d like what I’d write, that my own kids didn’t go to Jewish Day School, and that maybe I wasn’t the right person for the task. but they said they wanted me to do it anyway. This is what I wrote. They published it. [...]

Hey, Dad, is Mom there?

Finally, an answer to the age old question no one thought to ask. See, we’re not avoiding you, fathers. Well, we are, but for a totally good reason.

Inquiring Minds

Well, we’re back from Chicago and getting ready for a new school year. Dina’s been quite the inquisitive young lady lately, about some pretty big-ticket items, as evidenced by the following encounters: 1. Yosefblog has been reading David Foster Wallace’s Everything and More: A Compact History of Infinity. Dina saw it on his bedside table [...]

the fog zone

I love it when conversations that Yosef and I have on road trips show up in that day’s Journal. This one was inspired by the following billboard: “Sex can wait. Your future can’t.” Now, aside from the actual logical issues with this pair of statements (I mean, unless they literally mean that, time being linear [...]

conjunction junction

Bassie: You know what’s been bothering me lately? Me: What? Bassie: If someone says “it’s cold outside”, you can’t respond by saying “It’s”. Pause…me thinking… Me: You’re right, you can’t. And if I ask you “have you done your homework?”, you can’t respond by saying “I’ve”. Pause…her thinking… Bassie: No, you can’t. Me: That’s weird. [...]

“All mothers are a little bit crazy”

Yes, Holden Caulfield said that. Whatever. The point is, I was just reading a particularly well-written and no-holds-barred critique of the anti-vaccine movement in WIRED, and it just got me so mad. Mad at the parents who, in the face of what must be a terrible mix of helplessness, guilt, and fear, would rather blame [...]

Oh no, I was right the first time. Unacceptable.

Yeah, see, ’cause this is their actual uniform. But really, you know, thank God they’ve got the zinc on under their eyes. Safety first, right? (Now, um…whatever shall I do with this crisp dollar bill?)

lizzy miller’s like “you know, this isn’t the most flattering picture of me, really, though…I mean, I’ve taken better pictures, is all i’m saying…”

So this girl caused quite a stir this past week! If you’re a comment whore like I am, you can get a sense of America’s reactions by reading all 500-some comments on Cindi Leive’s blogpost there (my favorite is the one from the 47 year-old exercise fiend who claims that both she and her husband [...]

down in fraggle rock

Dina: They always say “worries for another day”. So they never worry.* Bassie: (not missing a beat) Then what is the trash heap for? …and all three of us stand silent in contemplation. *This from the same person who noted that if ‘each day [Calliou] grow[s] some more’, he should no longer be four. She’s [...]