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Category Archives: The Kids

Morning Routines

So, every morning I come in to wake up the girls with a little ritual. First, Basya. I climb into her bed and cuddle for a minute, then gently inform her that the shower is running for her and that if she doesn’t go now she’ll kill all of the polar bears by wasting water. [...]

Speaking of Vampires

Dina’s been really into vampires lately (although I’ve successfully kept her away from the Twilight franchise). Of course, she thinks boy vampires are dreamy. Today at brunch we talked about why that might be… Me: So, Dina, why do you think vampires are, like, sexy? Dina: Because they’re cute. Me: But, like, why do we [...]

From the mouths of babes

“Why is there so much clothing on me?!” cries Dina as she scurries to the bathroom. I mean…right?

so true. so, so true.

Hey, is anyone reading this still? Should I still be posting here? Just wondering. Here’s something that happened today: Me: Dina, your allowance from Sunday is just sitting on the table. Dina: Oh, yeah…I’ll put that away. Me: Where’s your birthday money? Dina: I think I put it on my dresser. Me: You don’t really [...]

The LOLsiepops Strike Again.

This time Basya’s going solo in a sketch inspired by Food Network hosts who get a little over-excited about their dishes. Written and performed by Basya (with editorial assistance and camera work by her mom). Enjoy!

come again?

What Basya said: “What am I going to do when I’m done with my laundry and Dina isn’t?” What I heard: “What am I going to do when I turn into a zombie and Dina isn’t?” Either is a valid concern, although the second has more far reaching implications.

the hot zone

Me: Bassie, we were thinking of maybe going to this Muppets exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry. Bassie: No. I don’t like the Muppets. Me: What?! You love the Muppets! Bassie: Not anymore. Me: Adults love the Muppets! Bassie: Exactly. Adults and little kids. I’m nine, Mom. Me: Ahhh…so you’re in the hot [...]

Introducing: The LOLsiepops!

Well, we knew this day would come. The day that Basya and Dina decided they want to make the funny like their Mom. So, they formed a two-person sketch team and named it The LOLsiepops. This is their first video. They’re planning one a week until they make it big. I’m pretty sure they’ll be [...]

Basya blames everyone.

Basya: What’s that prison island? Me: Alcatraz? Basya: Yeah! Yeah. They stole that in Harry Potter! Me: Oh, cuz of “Azkaban”? Basya: Yeah! “Alcatraz”. “Azkaban”. And it’s a prison surrounded by water and you can’t escape. Me: You think those are too close? Basya: Yeah. I don’t like that they did that. Me: You mean [...]

my kids talk funny, if by funny you mean awesome

“Mom, I’ve taken an interest in writing things in a diary lately.” Oh, have you now?