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Category Archives: tales of an accidental feminist

come again?

What Basya said: “What am I going to do when I’m done with my laundry and Dina isn’t?” What I heard: “What am I going to do when I turn into a zombie and Dina isn’t?” Either is a valid concern, although the second has more far reaching implications.

I wrote this the other day.

…It’s about Jewish Day School. I told them I wasn’t sure they’d like what I’d write, that my own kids didn’t go to Jewish Day School, and that maybe I wasn’t the right person for the task. but they said they wanted me to do it anyway. This is what I wrote. They published it. [...]

Things are going to start happening to me now.

I wrote this. Yup. Me. Look, it’s my name, right at the top. No, not the top of the whole page. That’s Timothy McSweeney’s name. Look a little further down. Yeah, past the italics stuff–I didn’t write that. Yes. There. See? My name, and then SO MUCH FUNNY STUFF AFTER! Guess which line is Bassie’s [...]

Camp Klein Lives!

We haven’t forgotten about you. It’s just that this past week has been quite a whirlwind. Grampa left, and Lee came, leaving only a two day window that we filled with Top Chef Day and Board Game Day. After the “Breakfast in Bed” Quickfire, the girls each got $30 to spend at Whole Foods to [...]

Camp Klein: Day Three

Today’s theme: Field Day. After waking up a bit late and missing the 9 AM “bus” (our couch) we still made it to camp in time for morning calisthenics (Bassie let us know that there are late buses at 9:30 and 10:00. Phew!) Then we filled up our water balloons, got a few old pillowcases [...]

Camp Klein!!!

Today began our month-long family camp, or, as some might call it, Camp Recession Trail. The girls decided that we each needed a notebook with three sections: one for creative writing, one for reader responses, and one for science journaling. In addition, Bassie, as camp director, assigned themes to each day. Today was Getting To [...]

how to impress a gamer

Step #1: Enter the gamer shop in Brookline where he works. Step #2: Pick out a bunch of Japanese erasers for your kids. Step #3: When he tells you that “more are coming in this week: little samurai figures…in seven different colors,” respond, “Just what my kids need: a little Kurosawa.” Step #4: Watch his [...]

miss me?

Sorry, end of the school year, grading, you know how it goes. But lucky for YOU, AFers, when AF gets behind, you’re in for a “bi-weekly highlights” post. Here goes: * Bassie’s begun working on her first television script. It’s for the show Phineas and Ferb (which is quite possibly the only program that keeps [...]

when I go to a quaint little cafe in back bay* and order yogurt with granola…

…I do not want you to bring out the yogurt topped with what is clearly a broken up Nature Valley Oats and Honey granola bar. I know it’s a recession people, but let’s still show a little effort, okay? *I will, this time, allow this establishment to go nameless, since I rather liked the lentil [...]

Um, because, like, really? Wow.

I am home right now because of a fork. Yes, yes, I will explain: You see, on the way home from work, I thought I would grab lunch at b. good. It’s healthy; it’s fast; it’s… on the way home. So I went there, got a Southwestern Chicken Salad since it contained half the carbs [...]