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high concepts

Me: So, did you think Jaws was a good movie? (Yes, we showed the girls Jaws last night. No, Bassie did not have a nightmare about man-eating sharks like she claimed she would. Phew!) Bassie: Yes. Me: As good as Star Wars? Bassie: Yes. Me: As good as 2001: A Space Odyssey? Bassie: Yes. Me: [...]

bonnie and clyde vs. pineapple express

In perhaps one of our more inspired double features to date, yoblo and I watched these two in a consecutive evening/morning combination. Reflections: * Faye Dunaway is seriously hot, and knows how to wield both a gun and an chess piece. * Both films do a nice job of mocking the Hollywood myths of crime [...]

Requisite oscar nominations response

Having seen none of the films nominated for best picture, I think I am the most objective person to speak on the subject. Pitt and jolie should get best actor/actress, thereby bringing the rapture. Rdj should get best supporting but accept the award as Heath ledger via method acting. Kate winslet should win the “so [...]

roman holiday = eat it, anne hathaway!

I’d seen “Roman Holiday” before, in my “I date a guy who only watches black and white movies and listens to opera CDs even though he’s never been to the opera” days. It was charming then (the film, not my relationship), and I knew the girls would love it. After the compulsory griping (“Is the [...]

a colbert christmas = genius!

Really, the whole thing was pretty amazing, but the more I think about it, the more I think this was the best-executed of the lot. Of course, the yidden will love this gem. Nice to see Colbert getting back to his singing and dancing roots.

HSM3=a bit sexy for the tweens, no?

No, I mean, seriously: the multiple gratuitous shots of zac efron’s muscly, colt-like back, or sinewy arms. Or the overt sexual innuendos (“that may be the best strawberry in the entire world, but you wouldn’t know because you won’t try it” (um, btw, that sounds like the beginning of a perfect “yes ladder” to me; [...]

Lawrence of Arabia = Fun for the Whole Family

The girls stayed up until the intermission last night (12:30). They’re watching the second half now.Their favorite part: Lawrence losing his compass and watching his servant die in quicksand. I think it reminds them of “The Princess Bride”. My favorite part: Alec Guinness. He gets all the good lines; and he looks good in robes. [...]

enchanted= maybe i don’t hate everything

I have to admit it, despite my gag-reflex at the thought of Disney trying to be meta, some of this movie actually worked. Here’s a breakdown: Worked- * Amy Adams got that Disney princess movement and voice down “freaky-good”, y’all. * “Working Song” and “How Does She Know That You Love Her” work way better [...]

“laura linney is a revelation”

I put that in quotes because I’m just assuming that more than one critic has used it to describe her current stint as Abigail Adams in the HBO mini-series named for the aforementioned’s husband. She makes the tiniest facial tick explode with emotion on my crystal clear Panasonic HDTV (although I don’t think I have [...]

george clooney weekend!

Last weekend yosefblog and I happened to have two Clooney films come up in our cue (and our mailbox) at the same time. This Synergeorgey led to a weekend of salt ‘n pepper hair and understated smooth. Michael Clayton was actually a surprisingly simple film, given that it was sort of a thriller-ish sort of [...]