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The thought of Welsh Mormons was one part confusing and two parts scary…until this amazing display of knitting prowess.

when angels and wool collide

Got (knitting) game?

With so much talk about gender politics (and game) dominating the accidental feminist for the past few months (and my continued inability to figure out how to comment), I decided to look at the topic through the phenomenon of knitting. Though it may be particular to sassy women (OK, and gay/emo men) in American culture, [...]

Ring, Ring….

Wait a sec…let me get my cell. You see, it is protected by this very fashionable cell phone holder (graciously modeled by my own dear mother)!

clap if you believe in the knitting blog!

Everybody! Clap! Louder! Look, look, her light is getting brighter. Keep clapping. Yes! It’s working! Hooray! Tink’s all better! Thank you, thank you.

For the love of fluffy…

Let us take a step back on this knitting adventure to examine the motivation behind our stichin’. Personally, I believe that knitting is all about love (conceptually). Whether it takes the form of love for thy self or love for others, you are spending your hard pressed time and hard earned cash to make a [...]

Choose your weapon

When I first started knitting, I used metal needles by Susan Bates. I bought them around the time that an American icon, Woolworth’s, was going out of business. Everything in the “crafts” section of the Hyde Park store was on sale, including the acrylic yarn, horrible 80’s sweater patterns and useless how-to books. I just [...]

You’re so fashionable, baby!

Knitting for babies is an entire cottage industry, but I often find myself bored with the options, and yearning for projects that don’t involve pastels and super soft acrylics. Meanwhile, the hip young urbanite knitting scene is filled with what often are essentially baby projects (albeit really hip and cute) worn by adults: butterfly scarves, [...]

Get knitty wit’ it

Hello readers of Rachel’s blog! Are you ready to knit? I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!! I thought I‘d begin this foray into the land of (many, many) knitting blogs with mention of the resurgence of knitting among hip urban (white) women. In case you haven’t seen that punk rock girl knitting on the El or the [...]