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Category Archives: Got Game?

I give this test to all my girlfriends…

If you score higher than 28, I salute you.

No Spectators

Dear Spike & Warrior4Life, It’s time for you to start some original posts on your own. Accidental Feminist, if I’m overstepping my bounds, I apologize. Eats craves original content from these two giants.


Monday is a momentous day in Eats’ schedule – DAY 1 of training. My body composition in the spring/summer months is much different than fall/winter. Tom Demerly of Bike Sport Michigan (bikesportmichigan [dot] com) alikens the body transformation after the holidays to “coming out of a tunnel.” Right now I feel pale, puffy and like [...]

seduction liar crybabies

I was recently talking to someone about my debacle at Thundercat’s Seduction Lair. Why did they all resent me so much? Suddenly, a metaphor popped into my head. “Game” is like poker. If you have a good hand, you’re confident and no one can frazzle you. But if you’re dealt a crap hand in life [...]

Back from where?

Hi Spike, thanks for the shout out in your comment. Accidental Feminist ha sbeen doign an amazing job – and there could never be too many of her smiling faces on the site. There are a couple of points worth noting, stretching from the beginning of the month to now.

Two elements for success

Although I am retired, I did come out my pre-fab house for a few moments today. For those of you who remember way-back-from-whence there was a married woman who I was corresponding with. I met her today and in the course of about twenty minutes, I made her cry and admit she wasn’t happy in [...]

that was quick

Well, it took me exactly one day to alienate Ross Jeffries, one of the founders of the PUA movement. I’m not sure what I did to deserve the “freeze out”, but I’m going to respect his wishes. But now that our association is over, I will link to our conversation thread from Thundercat’s Seduction Lair [...]


Hi everyone, EATS here. I’m done being a PUA. My neuroses are running too high. I am afraid of STDs, pregnancies, and the like. Maybe for good reason, maybe for accidental reason. The lifestyle doesn’t suit the fears I already have. Neil Strauss wrote about his fears about sexually transmitted everythings. Done. Seriously. Done.

Speed game

Spent an evening attending several in-hours and after-hours hotspots. Since I had already expressed my PUA status to some friends, I was under the gun.


Check this out. Yosef says it explains why it’s so easy to pick up chicks at Great America (not that he would know).