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Category Archives: Confessions of a Beauty Queen

Customer is Right?

What ever happened to the idea that the customer is ALWAYS right? Honestly, over the past two days I have noticed a lack of concern for my consumer money.

Was that an insult?

Have you ever been the recipient of a comment that made you wonder if it was a compliment or an insult? Today a student told me I did not look like myself. Instead, I looked “teachery”. Was that an insult? Does that mean I normally look good, but today I looked “teachery”? Or, does it [...]

Trend Watching

There are some questions for which there can never be a satisfying answer – the one that plagues me the most is this: If a trend was unflattering the first time, why repeat it? Honestly, skinny jeans that taper at the ankle only exaggerate the size of a woman’s hips and tush. My eternal quest [...]

Straighter, Shinier Hair

What’s the hottest, newest look this season? Wavy hair! Embrace your curls! No, we’re not talking about big, 1980’s hair; we’re talking about soft, flowing waves. Of course, this look is the most difficult to master. To help you conquer this look, follow these tips. If you have long (at least two inches below your [...]