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Bassie, while watching an ad for the re-release of Sleeping Beauty: “Mom, you know what I don’t like? When they take a line that a character said in a movie and recut it so it sounds like the character is saying it about the movie. Like, ‘This is so great!”, like they think the movie [...]

lizzy miller’s like “you know, this isn’t the most flattering picture of me, really, though…I mean, I’ve taken better pictures, is all i’m saying…”

So this girl caused quite a stir this past week! If you’re a comment whore like I am, you can get a sense of America’s reactions by reading all 500-some comments on Cindi Leive’s blogpost there (my favorite is the one from the 47 year-old exercise fiend who claims that both she and her husband [...]

these are the things that upset me!

So Calvin Klein got some half-naked models to pose for an ad and put it on a billboard on Houston street? And everyone’s in an uproar… Of COURSE they are! Of COURSE Calvin Klein was betting on a socially center right country to freak out over what is, frankly, a lot more tasteful than other [...]

silly ad

Read this ad copy for a creepy online dating service where people are encouraged to create deceptive avatars that make out on a virtual dance floor with other deceptive avatars: “Visit and have your pick of quality men in a safe, fun environment. Utherverse has had more online marriages than any other online dating [...]

Now THIS is what I’m TALKING about!

Of course, only in an alternate universe does the funny girl really get the cover by shitting out a chicken. It’s like Tina Fey reads my blog…or my MIND!

what is that offensive display on my television?!

…oh, right; I forgot to switch to digital! crappy antenna… p.s.- for the more socially conscious…(although I don’t think PETA was planning on making separate “European” and “American” versions of that one; pumpkin licking doesn’t really translate on the other side of the pond).

What?! I have a blog?!

I know, I know, Happy New Year. Look, AF needs a break, just like ya’ll do. Mine consisted of returning to the Motherland (i.e. Chicago) to visit friends and family. Highlights include: * Finally watching The Lord of the Rings. Yes, I lived in a cave throughout the first half of what has so far [...]

someone should tell them…

…that they are engaging in misleading branding…unless Kate Winslet is their spokeswoman…

and her parents must be so proud!

My objection to this advertisement is simple: it is just completely unrealistic to suggest that a band of gang rapists would be that well dressed and groomed. Come on! yosef’s insight might be more sociopolitically sound: didn’t feminism teach us that it’s a woman’s right to choose to be gang raped?

skinny jeans = eating disorder catalyst

I mean, we all know that, right? But to just put it right there in the name. Not “slender” jeans or “low BMI” jeans. “Skinny” jeans. And by the way, it’s also a hint: do not wear these unless you are skinny. It’s knd of the same rule as the “super low rise”. Don’t wear [...]