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Speaking of Vampires

Dina’s been really into vampires lately (although I’ve successfully kept her away from the Twilight franchise). Of course, she thinks boy vampires are dreamy. Today at brunch we talked about why that might be…

Me: So, Dina, why do you think vampires are, like, sexy?

Dina: Because they’re cute.

Me: But, like, why do we imagine them to be cute?

Dina: Because they have pretty eyes and stuff.

Me: No, but, I mean…okay…like, they’re not real. We invented them in our minds. So, like, for example, what about the way they eat? What’s sort of romantic about it?

Dina: Ohhhh…It’s like a hickey!

Pause. Dina’s face lights up.

Me: That’s pretty interesting, huh?

Dina: Yeah…wow.

Me: What do you think of that?

Dina: It just makes so much sense now. Like, they’re exchanging emotions but they’re exchanging blood!

Never too young for Jung, is what I always say.

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