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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Speaking of Vampires

Dina’s been really into vampires lately (although I’ve successfully kept her away from the Twilight franchise). Of course, she thinks boy vampires are dreamy. Today at brunch we talked about why that might be… Me: So, Dina, why do you think vampires are, like, sexy? Dina: Because they’re cute. Me: But, like, why do we [...]

Captive Audience

The elevator in our building is sort of like my daughters’ private little comedy training ground. If we’re alone in it they usually fight or keep silent, but if anyone else happens to find themselves in there with us, they’re going to get a show. Of course, as an improv comedian, I sort of can’t [...]

From the mouths of babes

“Why is there so much clothing on me?!” cries Dina as she scurries to the bathroom. I mean…right?