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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Camp Klein: The Final Chapter

Some of you are wondering whatever happened to Camp Klein. I realize that in our excitement over our impending trip to Chicago, I had neglected to fill you in on the details of our last week. Highlights included: *Dina taking a day off from camp to babysit her little cousin Finn. She took her hard [...]

Camp Klein: On the Move!

Tuesday was Scavenger Hunt Day, and I had the girls running all over town asking trivia questions and collecting items from neighborhood businesses. Here’s a sample: And the girls in action: Yesterday was Game Show Day. Dina was horribly frustrated by Jeopardy and her inability to remember to state her response in the form of [...]

Camp Klein Lives!

We haven’t forgotten about you. It’s just that this past week has been quite a whirlwind. Grampa left, and Lee came, leaving only a two day window that we filled with Top Chef Day and Board Game Day. After the “Breakfast in Bed” Quickfire, the girls each got $30 to spend at Whole Foods to [...]

Camp Klein: Young Authors Day

Well, every rock star hits bottom someday, and when she does, she becomes…a writer! Basya was 100% in charge of today’s events, which meant “warm-up” excercises (“This is a yin yang, it is a symbol of balance. Draw your own symbol and describe what it represents”) followed by each of us completing a full book [...]