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Camp Klein!!!

Today began our month-long family camp, or, as some might call it, Camp Recession Trail. The girls decided that we each needed a notebook with three sections: one for creative writing, one for reader responses, and one for science journaling. In addition, Bassie, as camp director, assigned themes to each day. Today was Getting To Know You Day. In the morning we played “I Never” and filled out personality surveys then went to the park to find something in nature that reflected our personalities and write about it.

In the afternoon we read Maupassant’s “The Necklace” and wrote reader responses about whether or not we felt bad for Mathilde.

Of course, we took time to watch the end of the USA World Cup game. Go Landon Donovan!

Now we’re making friendship bracelets (hmmm…another theme: necklaces, bracelets).

All in all a great start to camp.

Tomorrow: Classic Movie Day.

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