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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Camp Klein continues!

What a week so far! First, it was Nature Expedition at Walden Pond where we saw a snaaaaaaake! and discussed Thoreau’s philosophy (Bassie says that “man has become the tool of his tools” means that “the tools are tricking the people into working for them”). Yesterday it was Beach Day, and it was quite an [...]

Camp Klein: Day Three

Today’s theme: Field Day. After waking up a bit late and missing the 9 AM “bus” (our couch) we still made it to camp in time for morning calisthenics (Bassie let us know that there are late buses at 9:30 and 10:00. Phew!) Then we filled up our water balloons, got a few old pillowcases [...]

Camp Klein: Day Two

Today is day two of camp. Theme: Movie Day! First, we watched one the girls hadn’t seen yet: Little Shop of Horrors. Of course, Dina is already singing Suddenly Seymour pitch perfectly around the house. Now we’re on to favorites (Bassie’s is Ferris Bueller, Dina’s is Gremlins). Bassie’s favorite line: “The question isn’t ‘what are [...]

Camp Klein!!!

Today began our month-long family camp, or, as some might call it, Camp Recession Trail. The girls decided that we each needed a notebook with three sections: one for creative writing, one for reader responses, and one for science journaling. In addition, Bassie, as camp director, assigned themes to each day. Today was Getting To [...]

Closed Captioned

Like any red-blooded American Liberal seven year-old, Dina likes reading The New Yorker in the bathroom. Well, it was only a matter of time before she took a crack at the cartoon caption contest, so I was only mildly surprised when I opened the magazine the other day and saw this: For those of you [...]


Last night Dina knocked over a cup of water on her and Bassie’s bedstand. But instead of spilling all over Dina’s stuff, it spilled on Bassie’s Percy Jackson book. Bassie: HER water spilled, but MY book got ruined. Me: Thats Murphy’s Law. Bassie: Why does Murphy’s Law only apply to ME?! Me: Exactly.