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party lines

Yesterday, the girls were talking about who should take over the Extended Day program at their school when the current director retires.

Bassie: I hope Wendy gets the job because she’s very good at organizing things and being in charge.

Dina: But Wendy yelled at me once when I wanted to have a playdate with Mia.

Bassie: I’m sure she didn’t yell at you.

Dina: Yes she did. She wouldn’t let me. She said “No way!”

Bassie: Well, that’s her job.

Dina: What? Making children cry?

Bassie: No, following the rules and being responsible.

Dina: But she didn’t have to yell.

Bassie: She probably didn’t yell at you. What was her tone?

Dina: (yelling) NO WAY!!!

Bassie: (pause) Look, just because you had one bad experience with someone doesn’t mean they’re not a good person.

At this point both girls are on the verge of tears, Dina because she is literally reliving her experience and feeling her emotions as though it were happening that very moment, and Basya because of the depth of her frustration over what she perceives as Dina’s totally irrational assessment of Wendy’s character.

And I am stiffling a giggle. Yay, parenthood.

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