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Monthly Archives: March 2010

proof that if you sound confident you CAN say anything!

Overheard by yosefblog at breakfast this morning: Dina: The Big Bang killed all the dinosaurs. Bassie: (with skepticism) Some scientists think. Note: Let me disclose that, when yb came to me to tell me about this interchange, it took me a second to realize that anything was wrong with that conversation. This makes me think [...]

old school

Bassie is playing the original Super Mario Bros. on Uncle Mike’s wii right now. That’s all I was going to say, except that as I was writing that last sentence, I overheard her trash talking the game: “There are many things that are called ‘payback’, and one of them is payback.” It’s like she knew [...]

Overheard in Bassie and Dina’s Room

Presumably this conversation occurred while the girls were playing some sort of vampire role-playing game: Dina: You know Rosa Parks? I knew her. Bassie: I knew George Washington. I was his Prom date. Dina: I was his cat. etcetera…