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Monthly Archives: February 2010

CSI: Brookline

Dina has recently expressed an interest in dead bodies. To be precise, she has reiterated her interest. “Why do dead bodies interest you, Dina?” “You know, because you can look at the bones, and the blood and stuff. I’d like to study dead bodies some day.” “They do that in medical school.” Excited face. “And [...]

it’s official


verdict: smaland

Dina: “I made a friend, but I forgot her name.” Bassie: “I’m not going in there. It smells like sweaty feet.”

tweet feed

Just in case you don’t follow my twitter… Quite often, the girls say or do something that is just so pithy and timely that it can only be captured in 140 characters or less. Exhibit A: “Bassie told me that yesterday she “hiboughed”. She explained that it’s when you hiccup, burp, and cough at the [...]

a nice afternoon with dina*

Highlights included: * Dina asking why you need to have a turn signal in the back of your car. “That’s a good question, Dina.” “Yeah…I’m a good question maker.” * Open house at ballet class: look at that form, that concentration, that girl behind her who’s clearly got her arms in the wrong position. *This [...]