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Monthly Archives: January 2010


Me: Hey, Dina, did you have any dreams last night? Dina: Nah… Me: Okay. Hey, Bassie, did you have any dreams last night? Dina: Oh, wait. I had a dream that I went on a field trip… Me: Oh? Dina…To 1993. Me: You mean the year? Dina: Yeah. Me: Why 1993? Dina: (with a bit [...]

let’s go to the movies!

My awesome brother and sister-in-law got us 4 movie tickets for Hannukah. How to use them? Here are our family friendly options, along with my “worth the price of popcorn”, “netflix instant queue”, or “watch it at your friend’s house, kids” ratings. Tooth Fairy: proof that Dwayne Johnson will never give up a chance to [...]

things the klein family likes to do on road trips

1. Listen to podcasts of “Philosophy Today!” 2. Play “guess the famous novel from its famous first line” (“It was the best of time, it was the…blerst of times?! Stupid monkey!”)* 3. Have Dina once again ask if she can get a modeling agent after looking at herself in the rear view mirror and remarking, [...]