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Monthly Archives: December 2009

the rule of threes

I tried to explain to Bassie the comedy rule of threes the other day in the car. The example I gave was pretty pathetic, though. Something like, “Pack your bags for the trip, kids! You’ll need bug spray, snacks, and a ten foot garden hose!” Meh. Bassie’s response: “Oh, okay, I get it. Like, ‘This [...]

the secret to life, the universe, and everything.

Regarding the buying of a birthday present for a mutual male friend: Bassie: I know what boys like. Dina: (pleadingly) Please…tell me what boys like! Um…are you two talking about the same thing? Because I think Bassie’s talking about a Webkins…

there’s an app for that.

Bassie: Mom, they should make an app that’s a magnifying glass. Me: Like, you mean, you hold up the phone to something and… Bassie: Yeah, and you see it on the screen bigger. They must be able to do that, right? Me: I guess. I think so. That’s a really great idea. You should develop [...]