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Monthly Archives: October 2009

conjunction junction

Bassie: You know what’s been bothering me lately? Me: What? Bassie: If someone says “it’s cold outside”, you can’t respond by saying “It’s”. Pause…me thinking… Me: You’re right, you can’t. And if I ask you “have you done your homework?”, you can’t respond by saying “I’ve”. Pause…her thinking… Bassie: No, you can’t. Me: That’s weird. [...]

look out, mad men: dina’s got your number.

At Target, Dina sees a giant hanging sign advertising some of the men’s clothing line there. Dina: Ooh…they’re hot! Me: Yes, because they’re models. Dina: You mean, they’re not real people? Me: No, they’re real people, but they’re paid to look good in clothing. Why do you think the advertisers would want people to look [...]

“All mothers are a little bit crazy”

Yes, Holden Caulfield said that. Whatever. The point is, I was just reading a particularly well-written and no-holds-barred critique of the anti-vaccine movement in WIRED, and it just got me so mad. Mad at the parents who, in the face of what must be a terrible mix of helplessness, guilt, and fear, would rather blame [...]

word choice

Dina had a gentleman caller on Friday afternoon. Or, well, more accurately, I was toting Bassie, Dina, and Dina’s little boyfriend around Coolidge Corner. While in the car, they were make jokes that I guess were funny to a 1st grader. The jokes, in the interest of full disclosure, had to do with listing attributes [...]

preach it, sister!

Dina’s been having some 1st grade social issues. One girl who goes around telling everyone she’s her best friend (for the day) and wreaking havoc on preexisting relationships, a group of girls who seem kind of nice, but who just sit around doing nothing all of recess regarding whom Dina is at a complete loss [...]