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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Recession 2.0

Fo Mike, and everyone else who’s been wondering how our little robot friend has been doing. (Spoiler: It’s not looking good for him…)

the xtranormal affair

It is disguisting how fun and addictive it is to make stupid videos on xtranormal. I’d almost compare it to smoking, except that it is free and won’t kill you. This is my first, but certainly not my last (It stars robots! How could that NOT be FUN?!):

bassie on dentists

“That stuff you give me that you say tastes like strawberry: it doesn’t taste like strawberry. It tastes bad. Just don’t say it tastes like strawberry.”

dina on dentists

“You just have to tell your brain, ‘I know this hurts a little, but it’s okay, because it’s helping you NOT to hurt even more later.’”

how to impress a gamer

Step #1: Enter the gamer shop in Brookline where he works. Step #2: Pick out a bunch of Japanese erasers for your kids. Step #3: When he tells you that “more are coming in this week: little samurai figures…in seven different colors,” respond, “Just what my kids need: a little Kurosawa.” Step #4: Watch his [...]

Now THIS is how you do it!

In contrast, here are some serious ladies ready to kick butt out there on the field:

Oh no, I was right the first time. Unacceptable.

Yeah, see, ’cause this is their actual uniform. But really, you know, thank God they’ve got the zinc on under their eyes. Safety first, right? (Now, um…whatever shall I do with this crisp dollar bill?)


I don’t know. I mean…I DO know. My initial thought is that this is stupid. Like…can’t they be sexy AND wear appropriate athletic attire? You don’t see Danica Patrick in a teddy at her Nascar races. She saves that for the SI swimsuit issue… Although, wait…okay, then you take a look at this slideshow. I [...]