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Monthly Archives: August 2009

pop-culture expert

Dina saw this on the floor of our bathroom last night and the following conversation ensued: Dina: Is this the guy who did “Thriller”? Me: Yup. That’s Michael Jackson. Dina: (pausing to think, then) Did he die?…or go to jail? Now, that statement is awesome in and of itself, but I feel that commentary is [...]

lizzy miller’s like “you know, this isn’t the most flattering picture of me, really, though…I mean, I’ve taken better pictures, is all i’m saying…”

So this girl caused quite a stir this past week! If you’re a comment whore like I am, you can get a sense of America’s reactions by reading all 500-some comments on Cindi Leive’s blogpost there (my favorite is the one from the 47 year-old exercise fiend who claims that both she and her husband [...]

Forecast: Hot and Sunny

Yesterday while grocery shopping, the girls slipped a bag of lemons into the cart. When I irritatedly pointed out that we didn’t need a bag of lemons, they said, “but we want to make a lemonade stand…for Make-A-Wish.” 1…2…3…”Awwww!” So here we are: We’ve been at it about an hour and they’ve made $30 already. [...]

vacation recap

Vegas…Chicago for Elisa and Pat’s Wedding…visit with my parents…visit with the in-laws…the OC for Justin and Joni’s wedding…Disneyland. Um…wow. I just realized that that entire trip was a figurative palindrome. Let’s go through some highlights: 1. E+P’s wedding at County Line Orchard (man, that barn was awesome!) Look, here’s Bassie getting her arms pulled off: [...]

my civic duty

This is one of those things that I feel I am obligated, by the by-laws of bloggerdom, to comment on, given the title and supposed subject of my blog: Miley Cyrus’s pole dance at the TCA. -Sigh- The actual video that was aired on tv does a close-up at the moment of the offending “squat”, [...]

future art curator

This sculpture at the Skokie sculpture park didn’t have a title: Me: Hey, this one doesn’t have a title. Dina: It should be called “Fetus”. Me: Yes…yes it should.

just one more thing…

This Op-Ed by Molly Ringwald is really great. Only the Princess of Hughes-topia could get away with trashing his later works and still come off sounding grateful, respectful, and loving. In my mind, the man didn’t make a film after Uncle Buck (which is a bit dark and even poignant, but is really the “bridge [...]

Rest (Pretty) in Peace

In honor of perhaps the greatest documenter of 80′s youth culture, let’s all watch “The Breakfast Club” tonight (or your favorite JH gem; far be it from me to foist my personal preferences upon you) and see how many of the lines we 1) remember verbatim, and 2) have used in our day-to-day lives with [...]