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Monthly Archives: July 2009

down in fraggle rock

Dina: They always say “worries for another day”. So they never worry.* Bassie: (not missing a beat) Then what is the trash heap for? …and all three of us stand silent in contemplation. *This from the same person who noted that if ‘each day [Calliou] grow[s] some more’, he should no longer be four. She’s [...]

there’s only room on the interwebs for one of us.

You’re going down, AH. (thanks, rabbi taub, for bringing this egregiousness to AF’s attention.)

you want it…

…you got it! Because, every so often, I find that, if I don’t write about the kids enough for a little while, someone will inevitably ask me “What? The girls haven’t said anything cute lately? Why you gotta have so many posts about your dissatisfaction with your local Starbucks or magazine covers that glorify sex [...]