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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Q. what’s a “foo”?

A. What Dina thought her friend was calling her on the bus yesterday; and it supposedly was NOT a nice word. What is a “foo”? I thought? Is this like Garbage Pail Kids or Pogs or some other inexplicable youth culture thing that I just don’t get? Whatever it is, Dina did NOT like being [...]

more like “publicity stunt 100″. yeah, I said it!

Look, Maxim, far be it from ME to claim to be better at creating a misogynistic and opportunistic list of hot women based solely on an algorithm that looks something like: (actual attractiveness) x (projected gross of upcoming movie) + (how much their publicist paid you), but when will Olivia Munn get her rightful place [...]

these are the things that upset me!

So Calvin Klein got some half-naked models to pose for an ad and put it on a billboard on Houston street? And everyone’s in an uproar… Of COURSE they are! Of COURSE Calvin Klein was betting on a socially center right country to freak out over what is, frankly, a lot more tasteful than other [...]

file under: oenophile

I am not one to use the term “TMI” lightly, or, really, at all, but this may actually be a case when the phrase is decidedly apt. Not because the following information reveals too much about my private life, but because it is a truth which, before one experiences one simply does not believe, and, [...]

bonnie and clyde vs. pineapple express

In perhaps one of our more inspired double features to date, yoblo and I watched these two in a consecutive evening/morning combination. Reflections: * Faye Dunaway is seriously hot, and knows how to wield both a gun and an chess piece. * Both films do a nice job of mocking the Hollywood myths of crime [...]

miss me?

Sorry, end of the school year, grading, you know how it goes. But lucky for YOU, AFers, when AF gets behind, you’re in for a “bi-weekly highlights” post. Here goes: * Bassie’s begun working on her first television script. It’s for the show Phineas and Ferb (which is quite possibly the only program that keeps [...]