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Monthly Archives: May 2009

silly ad

Read this ad copy for a creepy online dating service where people are encouraged to create deceptive avatars that make out on a virtual dance floor with other deceptive avatars: “Visit and have your pick of quality men in a safe, fun environment. Utherverse has had more online marriages than any other online dating [...]

This is why I had children…

Me: (my back to the room, singing as I prepare my coffee in the kitchen) “Werewolf bar mitzvah, spooky scary…” Dina: (approaching unseen, from behind me)”…boys becoming men, men becoming wolves!” Me: Dina! How do you know that!? Dina: It’s from 30 Rock! “Boys becoming men, men becoming wolves”. Oh! that never stops being funny. [...]

yo blo is 3-0!

Happy Birthday, web-spouse 1.0! You might just finally be old enough to raise children, hold down a real job, and stop shopping for your Paul Frank t-shirts in the children’s department. (Just kidding on that last one…keep doing that! I mean, seriously, they just slap a “small paul” label on it and cut the price [...]

Now THIS is what I’m TALKING about!

Of course, only in an alternate universe does the funny girl really get the cover by shitting out a chicken. It’s like Tina Fey reads my blog…or my MIND!

Am i in the twilight zone?

You know, the episode where the woman’s daughter knows all these lines from movies she’s never seen? Today’s gem: (in the pool, as Dina tries to toss her a foam noodle) I don’t need no stinkin’ noodle! (an aside: when I woke her up this morning by gently pulling on her fingers, Bassie half-asleepingly said [...]


this is for all those girls whose high school boyfriends told them they “r =1-sin(theta)” them: (of course, any girl who is embedding an xkcd comic into her blog is retroactively just asking for the kind of boyfriend who would tell her that…)