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Monthly Archives: April 2009

apocalyse toast!

Bassie: (buttering her toast) I love the smell of sourdough in the morning. Me: Hey! That’s from a really good movie called “Apocalypse Now”. I mean, not the “sourdough” part. Bassie: I love the smell of ‘what’ in the morning?” Me: Nepalm. Bassie: What’s that? Me: An explosive. Bassie: Oh! So he loves the smell [...]

Really!? Redux

Again? Because, really, by the look of this cover, it appears that “sexy” is, in fact, the new “sexy”, regardless of how “funny” Ana Faris is.

this or this?

“This or this” is one of Dina’s favorite games. Here’s how it went down the other night with Justin: Dina: Black or white? Justin: Black. Dina: Rice pudding or ice cream? Justin: Ice cream. Dina: Coffee or tea? Justin: Tea. Dina: (beginning to laugh uncontrollably) You’re a woman!! (I swear I don’t know where she [...]


…because I didn’t know that one of Michaela Watkins’ talents was doing a retro burlesque show as Rebecca De Mornay from “Risky Business”. It’s such a relief to see a female comedian earn respect (and a magazine cover) for her talent rather than her ability to wear fishnets. You go, girl!

Happy Birthday to Dina!

Dina is six today. Please feel free to leave comments with birthday wishes and elaborate tributes. And congratulate me on the 6th anniversary of the day I fulfilled my biological and social duty to maintain human population continuity and gene diversity. Just doing my part…