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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Step Up 3: the living room!

The challenge: an improvised hip hop throwdown to a 30 second clip to a random song. Two girls enter, one girl leaves. All af readers are eligible to vote. You may choose to use any metric for determining the winner, no matter how arcane or esoteric, provided you explain your methodology and scoring rubric. Contestant [...]

re: previous metapost: exhibit A

Here you go…melt, hearts, melt!:

this post is so meta.

So I’m humming “Rainbow Connection” as I pass by Bassie, and she says: “Hey, you know what’s ironic about that song? ‘Why are there so many songs about rainbows?’ And it’s a song about rainbows!” Me: You know what else that is, right? Bassie: Meta? Me: Yup. Bassie: (pausing, then realizing that, as she has [...]