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Monthly Archives: February 2009

game, set, match: dina.

So we went to the Champion’s Cup last weekend. And after the McEnroe/Courier match, which McEnroe won, yb, in true Jimmy Mac fashion, high tailed the girls down to the gate from whence McEnroe was going to exit to the locker room. So we had the prime spot when he came by. He was in [...]

when I go to a quaint little cafe in back bay* and order yogurt with granola…

…I do not want you to bring out the yogurt topped with what is clearly a broken up Nature Valley Oats and Honey granola bar. I know it’s a recession people, but let’s still show a little effort, okay? *I will, this time, allow this establishment to go nameless, since I rather liked the lentil [...]

wonder of wonder

Dina had to draw a picture of a miracle that she has witnessed for her Hebrew School homework. This proved harder than anticipated because it forced the entire family into a philosophical discussion on the nature of miracles. As an example of how the seemingly normal could, in fact, be miraculous, I offered the birth [...]

speaking of getting conversations out of the way…

In the car. Dina: (not providing any context, but somehow clearly referencing the fact that there were only female dinosaurs at Jurassic Park) Mommy, how come they only made girls, because you said a girl can marry a girl? Me: Well, they can get married, but they can’t make a baby with just them. They [...]


On the T today: Dina: Mommy, what if kids did a real drinking game? (You may be thinking: “How does she know about drinking games, you irresponsible mother?” Oh, come on! She’s seen The Raiders of the Lost Ark…and she may or may not have watched us play one based on Sarah Palin’s responses at [...]

what is that offensive display on my television?!

…oh, right; I forgot to switch to digital! crappy antenna… p.s.- for the more socially conscious…(although I don’t think PETA was planning on making separate “European” and “American” versions of that one; pumpkin licking doesn’t really translate on the other side of the pond).