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Monthly Archives: December 2008

bassie likes the iphone google voice search

Here’s a sampling of some of the questions she was asking it when we were in the car the other day: “Why is knowledge important? How did WWI get caused? How do mittens keep your hands warm? Why are earrings fashionable? How much rain was in Seattle Dec. 5, 1952? Who produced “Back to the [...]

Um, because, like, really? Wow.

I am home right now because of a fork. Yes, yes, I will explain: You see, on the way home from work, I thought I would grab lunch at b. good. It’s healthy; it’s fast; it’s… on the way home. So I went there, got a Southwestern Chicken Salad since it contained half the carbs [...]

the new iphone’s here! the new iphone’s here!

Well, new to me. Also, I always like to work in a good reference to “The Jerk”. Anyway, I’m sort of in love. And just like a woman in love, I am more irrational than usual, especially regarding how great my iphone is, how it’s so much better than my old phone, how I could [...]

roman holiday = eat it, anne hathaway!

I’d seen “Roman Holiday” before, in my “I date a guy who only watches black and white movies and listens to opera CDs even though he’s never been to the opera” days. It was charming then (the film, not my relationship), and I knew the girls would love it. After the compulsory griping (“Is the [...]