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Monthly Archives: November 2008

barbaric female beauty ritual

Trust me, this was not my idea: Not that I’m opposed to it; I really don’t care. I mean, I had my ears pierced when I was 8, then when I was in college I just let them close up because I just never wore earrings. Now, I could go all into the anthropological oddity [...]

really? her?

So, according to my sources (thanks, mirth), people are somehow finding a way to make this video a topic of feminist discussion. Um…really? I mean, it’s a pop song…with a catchy beat…and an innocuous, anti-”why buy the cow” sort of theme. I mean, would it be more pro-feminist if the chorus were “I choose to [...]

a colbert christmas = genius!

Really, the whole thing was pretty amazing, but the more I think about it, the more I think this was the best-executed of the lot. Of course, the yidden will love this gem. Nice to see Colbert getting back to his singing and dancing roots.

some people!

Place: jcrew, Chestnut Hill Mall Time: 11:55 AM, Thursday Personae: jcrew worker (male), jcrew worker (female), tree hugger/environmentalist/stay-at-home dad (male), under-cover operative (me) Dad: (preparing to pay for merchandise) I’ll just take this in the bag I brought in… Male worker continues to ring him up. Female Worker: That bag? I threw it away already. [...]

someone should tell them…

…that they are engaging in misleading branding…unless Kate Winslet is their spokeswoman…

ah, to be young…

…and adorable.

the message board that time forgot…

There I was today, sitting in a tucked away corner of the only decent coffee shop in Waltham, drinking my latte, with nothing to do but peruse the large message board that lay within my sight line. It was chock full of goodies, like ads for private Japanese tutors and yoga classes. But the more [...]

this is what happens when i don’t unload my camera in a timely fashion

bassie’s election day civics/just-say-no lesson

Bassie: So what did you just vote for? Me: President. Bassie: What else? Me: The ballot measure to abolish income tax. Bassie: Which you voted ‘no’ to. Me: Yes. Bassie: What else? Me: There was a proposition about…about the penalty for a certain crime…(I stumble as I try to figure out how to explain it) [...]

really? jeans? today?

Is it too much to ask Sarah Palin to get dressed up a little to go vote for herself for Vice President of the United States of America? I mean, she doesn’t have to wear the fancy Neiman’s stuff the RNC bought for her, but, like, maybe a pair of Favorite Fit crepe wool pants [...]