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Monthly Archives: October 2008

class warfare

Why is it totally social acceptable, even preferred, to walk down the street in Brookline with a Starbucks in your hand, but would be totally sketch for me to walk down the street with a Cherry Zero can? As I consider taking the can with me to Coolidge Corner (I could really use some caffeine [...]

HSM3=a bit sexy for the tweens, no?

No, I mean, seriously: the multiple gratuitous shots of zac efron’s muscly, colt-like back, or sinewy arms. Or the overt sexual innuendos (“that may be the best strawberry in the entire world, but you wouldn’t know because you won’t try it” (um, btw, that sounds like the beginning of a perfect “yes ladder” to me; [...]

note to jcrew

Your clothes are relatively affordable and well-made. They usually fit me well. Unfortunately, your lovely winter coats are still being proportioned in such a way that a small-busted, big-bootied woman such as myself, upon trying on a particularly fetching one in red (my best color) turns to thoughts that resemble the stages of grief : [...]

…you’re just cheating yourself

What happens when David Foster Wallace dies, and your husband starts reading everything he ever wrote, which leads him to browse random high-quality magazines’ online editions trolling for the dead author’s work? What happens is that articles about lobsters and “Roger Federer as Religious Experience” start showing up, duplex, on your bathroom floor. Well, this [...]

life imitates art

When I bring the girls into the workout room, I usually try to make sure no one else is in there, so that they can docilely watch “The Suite Life of Zach and Cody” or other fine programming while I burn off my afternoon M&M fix. But, every so often, there’s people already in there, [...]

lullaby, and goodnight…

Last night, yosefblog did a little bait and switch on Dina: when she asked him to tuck her in, he ended up getting her to read him a story and sing him a lullaby. Little did he know what he had just gotten himself into. When Dina claimed she didn’t know any lullabies, and yb [...]

fun with grammar

I think this will be my lesson plan for Monday. Thanks, yoblo.

rules, rules, rules!

I’m sick of all these “feminism rules” about how women should treat other women just because they’re women. I was criticized when I supported Obama in the primary, because “It’s time for a woman in the White House”. And now, some women still feel as though they have to practically apologize for not liking Sarah [...]