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Monthly Archives: September 2008

this post sponsored by jcrew

The other day, over matzo ball soup at Zaftig’s, I inadvertently stumbled into a game with Bassie while trying to explain corporate sponsorship of ballparks: Me: You know, like, Wrigley Field, that’s owned by the company that makes Juicy Fruit. They sponsor the field so their name’s on it. Bassie: So who sponsor’s them? Me: [...]

you catch more flies with foam

I had a revelation today, at the Starbucks in Coolidge Corner. The barista made a particularly well-crafted latte. Clearly not from some pre-heated, half-hour old milk in a pitcher. This stuff was freshly foamed. It was creamy; it had heft; you could draw a maple leaf or a heart or something in it. Now, this [...]

wanted: frequent flyer miles

Dina has decided that each time she masters a new language, she gets to go to the language’s country of origin as a reward. Really, this is because she wants to justify going to India to buy a hot pink sari and ride on an elephant, but as it stands right now, she’ll be earning [...]

“so this guy walks into a talent agent’s office…”

Actually get to tell “The Aristocrats” to an unsuspecting friend at a bar: check. (Here’s what many argue was the best telling of it they ever heard; by Gilbert Godfried, at the roast of Hugh Hefner, two weeks after September 11th. WARNING- DO NOT CLICK ON THE ABOVE LINK IF YOU ARE FAINT OF HEART; [...]

What has two thumbs and is creepily and obsessively collected by grown-women who can no longer justify keeping their American Girl collection?

This gal! (Enthralled? The creepiness continues here.) p.s.- I’d put my money on the BJD in a cat-fight with a Bratz any day. Um, youtube, can you make that a reality, please…now? Okay, that’ll do for now.


You are ready for rice, now, grasshopper… …and Mommy is ready to post countless videos of your precious behavior on youtube.

first day of school

Bassie: Another girl propositioned her to best-friendship (“Hi, I’m Lilly. Wanna be best friends?”) and the boys made fun of her for having a name that is really close to the word “Bossy” (her take: “Why are they making fun of me?! There’s a girl named Skyla…and Satchel! Those are weird names!?”) Point taken, Bassie. [...]

oh she is good…

I felt like I was hanging out with her in her living room, eating Oreos and ripping on an ex-boyfriend. Here’s my favorite bitch-slap(click on the “I have actual responsibilities” clip), said with just the right amount of sarcasm (video bonus- you also get to see Palin’s daughter rub down her baby brother’s head with [...]


ask and ye shall receive. thanks, mikey! apparently we’re not the only ones who noticed Blerg. p.s. this is going to be a fun two months…