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Monthly Archives: August 2008

but who’s listening?

As I was leaving the workout room tonight, I offered the remote to the very nice man who was on the elliptical. “Sure, why not?” he replied. “Gonna watch the next female Vice-President of America.” I smiled. “Oh, yeah, I bet that’s all they’re covering today.” But the remote was not working too well from [...]

what’s that smell?

“Ms. Palin praised the achievement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, who lost a long and bitter primary race against Senator Obama, saying that she had left “18 million cracks” in the highest glass ceiling in the land. Then, making an explicit appeal to Ms. Clinton’s disappointed supporters, she said, “It turns out that the women [...]

buy local

Bassie has been trying to convince me to switch from Starbucks to Dunkin Donuts now that we’re in Boston. Today she saw someone in our elevator with a DD cup of coffee and said: “See, Mom. She has Dunkin Donuts. You have to get used to the Bostinities!”

assortment of li’l bits

Dina’s description of what it feels like to run in a nightmare: “I ran for you, but I couldn’t get to you. It was like running on, you know, that thing you do in the workout room?” Bassie tooth update: top tooth number 2 is under the pillow. Hmm…I wonder what would happen if the [...]


Yeah, I know, I’m 31. Feels older than 30; like I can’t argue that I’m really still in my third decade, thus still in my 20′s unless you go by Chinese ages in which case I would have begun my 3rd decade and would therefore have been 31 for an entire year now. 31 is [...]


Jack Bauer/ Survivorman/ Bear Grylls I am convinced that he is the culminating link in a chain of human evolution that splintered off just prior to the Bronze Age. His DNA should be kept frozen until Global Warming destroys civilization and we need a race of superhumans to rebuild it with nothing but jackknifes, parachute [...]

too bad bassie doesn’t believe in the tooth fairy…*

*But she does believe that Mommy pretends to be the tooth fairy and leaves her sweet presents…(to answer elisa’s comment). As she told me when I challenged her on this “Look, Mom, I don’t believe in fantasy! I believe in Science!”

just spitballin’ here

So here’s Bassie’s idea: a roller coaster where the individual seats have holes under them and tubes running to a receptacle so that you can pee on the ride. Of course, you have to pull down your pants to sit on it. FAQ Q: Will there still be regular toilets in the park? A: Of [...]