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Monthly Archives: July 2008

the anti-nudge

As the great Charlton Heston once said: ” {You can take my IUD} out of my cold, dead {uterus}“. thanks, yo! Your check’s in the mail…

freudian slips

Yoblo sends me all the good links!

I pulled a Homer!

So, this past weekend the family watched “The Simpsons Movie”. The girls loved it, and can’t stop quoting it. I became obsessed with “Spider Pig”. So imagine my glee when I saw that Dina had a little red plastic piggy bank in her room! “Kids! Look at me! Look at me!” I shouted from the [...]

Lawrence of Arabia = Fun for the Whole Family

The girls stayed up until the intermission last night (12:30). They’re watching the second half now.Their favorite part: Lawrence losing his compass and watching his servant die in quicksand. I think it reminds them of “The Princess Bride”. My favorite part: Alec Guinness. He gets all the good lines; and he looks good in robes. [...]


Walking and driving around Boston, my sense of geography is microcosmic. The city feels self-contained, and could be anywhere. I didn’t realize what a psychic comfort this was to me until I found myself watching the weather forecast on the local news last night. Why, I thought, is the meteorologist standing right in front of [...]

where’s joseph campbell when you need him?

Because he’d really get a kick out of watching the girls deconstruct universal human myths then string them back together into a spontaneous narrative (I know, I know, my kids aren’t the first to have done this. But they’re the first one’s who have done this that came out of my womb, so back off!). [...]

“Let’s hear it for nonconformity”. “Um, what is ‘an actual line said without irony in a recent McDonald’s commercial, Alex?”

Hipsters and hip young families “changing how we live, how we relate, how we eat…chicken for breakfast? I’m just that anti-establishment, dude…” Brilliant, if by brilliant you mean “preposterous yet effective marketing”.