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Monthly Archives: June 2008

apple and tree (or, awesome things my daughter and I said within an hour of each other)

Bassie, on why she can’t climb across a particularly precarious section of playground equipment: “I need more gravity”. (p.s. this is how I will hitherto forward refer to weight in any context, e.g. “I have so much more gravity after eating that entire French Silk Pie!” Me, to yosefblog, on why I have the right [...]

garmin hacks

I do not know enough (read: anything) about programming to implement these, but they would be awesome, and yosefblog and I agree we would pay to download them*: 1. New York Cab Driver Garmin- deliberately misunderstands your destination request and then takes you the absolute longest route possible. 2. The A.I. Series- voices (and personalities) [...]

…and I’m the crazy one.

So I need to go to the bathroom at the Jewel. I walk down the little corridor to the bathroom door. I find the usual cart full of restocks in front of the bathroom door, as well as the sound of a fan coming from the bathroom. Hmm, I think, that may likely indicate that [...]

co-ed sleepover

I don’t think I’ve had one since Prom, but I had one Friday night. Or rather, it was called a “sleepover”, but really we all just hung out until 5:30 in the morning, then half of us passed out and the other half cleaned up and went home. Conclusion: Positives– Any sexual tension has already [...]

ira glass= every nerdy girl’s crush

I’m sure Ira Glass finds it puzzling that his nasally little Jewish voice has inspired so many a swoon by intellectual uberdorks such as myself. Well, Stephen Colbert’s confused, too, but I guess you get used to it. Anyway, here’s a gorgeous little piece from the guy who makes me, despite my better judgment, donate [...]