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Monthly Archives: May 2008

my confidence is shaken

I like the song “Cecilia”. This post is not an attempt to defend it as a fantastically catchy little pop tune that is great for working out to, or driving in your high school friend’s convertible to, or slapping whatever hard object happens to be around to simulate drums to. No. Because I know all [...]

from the mouths of babes

Dina on an ear infection: I feel like my ear needs to throw up…(very serious expression on her face) but I don’t know how! Awesome features of that statement include: * Not quite having the filter that would keep her from suggesting that an ear could, in fact, throw up. * Having enough of that [...]

would you rather?

I have been AWOL from cyberspace while planning the final phases of my cross-country move in 4Dspace. But now that our Boston plans are shaping up, I’m a little more calm. Calm enough to tell you about the girls’ recent acquisition of “Would You Rather” into their game repertoire. Here’s some of my favorites: Bassie: [...]

an ode to robert downey jr.

I loved you in “Weird Science”*, even though I was supposed to hate you. I pined for you in “Less Than Zero“, even though I was supposed to pity you. I wanted you in “Two Girls and a Guy“, even though I knew I’d be the feisty but less hot brunette who ends up losing [...]

five year olds and the spirit of capitalism

At the mall food court: Dina: Why do people work here? Me: You mean, at the food court? Well, maybe they like it; or maybe they need the money. Dina: (Briefly considering) I think they just need the money. Me: Well, what kind of job do you think people do because they like it? Dina: [...]

beware the 49er flapjack

Its beguiling thinness, obscuring its astounding density, beckons you to continue to eat; but once released into the digestive system, it opens up like a sea monkey. And you, you my friend, no longer have the bowels of a 16 year old.

the yosefblog abides

The 45 second walk from your hall duty in the A building to your Department Coordinator’s office in the C Building is the longest 45 seconds of your life iff (that is spelled correctly, for those who don’t know elementary logic) you are greeted by said Coordinator with the words: “Your father is on the [...]

welcome, michael paul!

Congrats, Jazzy and Matt! I can’t wait to have conversations with you about raising children that aren’t theoretical.

buzz kill

It’s a balmy 68 degrees. I get home from working out and check my email. The girls and on their way home from visiting friends with yosefblog. I check the fridge and make a mental note of what I’ll cook for dinner, then crack the window to let the cool breeze waft through the house. [...]