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Monthly Archives: April 2008

what not to watch

Evanston Athletic Club has, like any respectable athletic club, televisions mounted to the front of their cardio machines. Although their lack of a DVR that would allow me to watch my choice of programming is a serious design flaw, they do have cable, and I can usually find something to watch for 45 minutes. In [...]

enchanted= maybe i don’t hate everything

I have to admit it, despite my gag-reflex at the thought of Disney trying to be meta, some of this movie actually worked. Here’s a breakdown: Worked- * Amy Adams got that Disney princess movement and voice down “freaky-good”, y’all. * “Working Song” and “How Does She Know That You Love Her” work way better [...]

call me a neoluddite, but…

Um, no.

a second in what appears to be a series of suburban mother rants

Um, okay. How do I explain this? When you make my latte without foam, and I get up the nerve to point this out to you, which is very out of character for me and I hate doing, but which my friend who works at Starbucks has encouraged me to to in order to provide [...]

certain notes on the use of reusable shopping bags

First of all, let it be known that I am not an active environmentalist. I don’t compost; I don’t go out of my way to recycle the glass that my landlord refuses to put in our regular recycling; I don’t take fast showers. But I am an environmental pragmatist. If aiding the environment is made [...]

“isn’t that something that old people get?”

A thirty year old woman should not approach a colonoscopy like one approaches a yearly teeth cleaning. Next thing you know, It’ll be all “Doesn’t everyone have an enlarged prostate?” and “Time for my monthly blood letting…”

“laura linney is a revelation”

I put that in quotes because I’m just assuming that more than one critic has used it to describe her current stint as Abigail Adams in the HBO mini-series named for the aforementioned’s husband. She makes the tiniest facial tick explode with emotion on my crystal clear Panasonic HDTV (although I don’t think I have [...]

happy birthday, dina.

My good friend recently wrote a very insightful post about bratz, and, shocked as I am to be disagreeing with her, I’m going to have to go out on a limb on this one and say that… those things are f-ing vile! Are they 21 year old hookers? 8 year old nymphets? 90 year old [...]

a cautionary tale…

…to those women who have cultivated the habit of taking food or drink from their husband’s plate/glass without asking first: It started as a normal interaction. I had put my antibiotic in my mouth, and didn’t want to walk to the kitchen to get a drink of water to swig it down with. Yosef had [...]