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Monthly Archives: March 2008

function junction

Me: Bassie, when’s the last time you did math with Daddy? Bassie: Last week, we did factions. Me: Fractions? Bassie: No, factions. Like when you put one thing in and get another thing out. Me: Oh, functions. So what’s a function? Bassie: It’s like if you but a big pile of meat into it, it [...]

everything i know about john adams i learned from watching “1776″ the musical

I said this yesterday at dinner, with sincerity and a complete lack of irony (something for which musicals, until Urinetown, have always been known). yosefblog found it funny. I guess I should be watching this instead.

inadvertently damning slide shows

This one, of Lindsay Lohan (bottom right of the page, click to see it), and this one, of Barry Bonds. It’s like a flipbook of an apple that suddenly and inexplicably becomes a banana in the middle. I think if we all had slide show retrospectives on the web, it would be much more clear [...]

point taken

I’m driving the girls to school, when Dina asks: Dina: So how old is Caillou by now? Me: (warmly, not without a little bit of condescension) Oh, well, he’s a cartoon character, so he doesn’t age. Just like it says in the song, “I’m just a kid who’s four…” Silence, and she let’s me leave [...]

okay, I feel better now.

I know I was upset about the Patriots before, but if anyone deserves to win the Super Bowl, it’s the guy whose favorite childhood movie is the same as mine. Stay away from the cans, Eli!

george clooney weekend!

Last weekend yosefblog and I happened to have two Clooney films come up in our cue (and our mailbox) at the same time. This Synergeorgey led to a weekend of salt ‘n pepper hair and understated smooth. Michael Clayton was actually a surprisingly simple film, given that it was sort of a thriller-ish sort of [...]