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Monthly Archives: February 2008

stump the 6 year old genius

Even my brilliant little Bassie has her Piaget moment. Like this one, which happened this morning: (Hacking coming from the bathroom; I enter to see Bassie spitting a phlegm glob into the toilet) Me: Are you okay? Bassie: Yeah, it was just shnook (our little pet name for mucous) from when I was little. Me: [...]

Once = “Make Art!”

Oh, what a beautiful movie. It’s (according to my count) the second (the first being “Lost in Translation”) in a line of what seems to be a trend of films that deal honestly and intelligently with a really difficult concept: two people, both committed to other people (either by law or in their hearts), find [...]

a poem by dina

Look at the dark, space sky. Why is it? Tell me why.

five rat stud

And this is why fathers of teenagers teen their sons to “go ahead and have a good time”, while they remind their daughters that “no one wants to buy the cow when they can get the milk for free”. Although I would like to verify that with a study on the effect of the sexual [...]

primary school

I took the girls to do their/our/my civic duty yesterday and vote in the Primary. They were very excited, which just warmed my little heart. My little politicos! So we opted for the electronic booth (I figured that would be more exciting for them), and we got to push the little buttons on the screen [...]

Open Letter to Tom Brady

Dear Tom: Yes, for the second year in a row, I actually cared who won the Super Bowl (and not just because I was nostalgic for the Super Bowl Shuffle™ like last year!) Oh, Tom, you are surely the better quarterback: you are more talented, more handsome, more awesomer. You don’t do as funny a [...]