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Monthly Archives: January 2008

tough choices

So Bassie says I haven’t been blogging about her enough. “It’s all just Dina and Rachel!” Fair enough, Bassie. You called me out. So she’d like you all to know that she is currently torn regarding the upcoming election: should she vote for Obama, and make him the first African American President, or Hillary, making [...]

goin’ to the chapel…

Dina got married today…to Eli! I know, I know. They’ve had their differences, but I guess he’s finally come around to seeing that if the Queen Bee wants you, it’s inevitable. As for Dillon, she says they’re still on good terms, but the age gap was just too much. They never saw each other, when [...]

remember when we first started blogging…

…and it was all exciting and everything? I would get butterflies in my stomach every time I’d see a new little circle on my google diagnostics? What happened to us? You don’t even notice if I go away for weeks at a time. Have you been reading someone else’s blog? I know, I’m sorry, I’m [...]


I had a dream last night that Martin Luther King Jr. was having a dream, and in his dream he was giving his I Have A Dream speech. (So meta.) Then I woke up and Obama was President. Then I woke up again for real and the election was still almost a year away. Here’s [...]