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Monthly Archives: November 2007

not-so-nursery rhymes…

…c/o Dina: Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down, and broke his crown, and nobody came tumbling after. Me: Where was Jill? Dina: She went home. Me: Why? Dina: Because she didn’t see Jack fall. Me: So what’s going to happen to him? Dina: He’s going [...]

I am cultured, do you hear me? Cultured!

Yes. Yosef and I have been watching old foreign films, like “Breathless” and “Wild Strawberries”. In fact, “Wild Strawberries” was my first Bergman film ever, I think. And unlike when I saw “La Strada” and thought to myself “Uh, was I supposed to like that or risk being thought uncivilized?” (a question my college boyfriend [...]

hold the phone!

Wow; I think Christopher Hitchens is the first person to ever hypothesize that most funny women are “hefty or dykey or Jewish”. Honestly, there is very little new information in this article. Why write it, then, you ask? I’m not sure, but I think it has something to do with Christopher Hitchens being an attention-starved, [...]

I have no words.

Me: (pointing to a picture of The Beatles in The New Yorker) Hey, Dina, look, it’s The Beatles. Dina: Why aren’t they mermaids? Me: Why would you think they’d be mermaids? Dina: You know, cuz when they sing; they’re, like, pure, and, like, energy… Me: And you think that would translate to them being mermaids? [...]

Bound= So that’s really Jennifer Tilly’s, like, real voice?

No, seriously, This movie rocked. It’s like an awesome mobster movie tucked inside a lesbian seduction film. There’s some scenes that are just so well shot, you think how they really belong in an even more epic film (like Caesar grabbing a dead mobster by the lapels and demanding he answer the question “Who’s dead [...]