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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Tout Va Bien = thank god for the skip feature on dvds…

…that way, Yosef and I could check at 10 minute intervals to see if there was ever going to be a plot. The answer… after this ten minute rant about the capitalist oligarchy. And this one. And this one. Oh look, a picture of a woman holding a penis. Oh, now it’s another ten minute [...]

mazel tov!

stevereed is a friend and long-time AF-er. He also just became a Daddy! Looks like someone needs to register the url “” and start blogging about his precocious daughter! I’ll totally link you, dude!

has it really been ten days…

…since my last post? Oh, my, well, it is the holiday season for us Jews, so you’ll have to (read: you are Divinely obligated to) forgive me . Here’s some holiday-time highlights: *At Yom Kippur services, Yosef took the girls into the hall for a breather. They’re playing a game: you say a word, and [...]

and she went to yale!

Hey, hey, look at this. For once my ranting is not simply a self-righteous and exclusively anecdotally-supported twist on conventional wisdom. Or, at least, it is, but it’s supported by an Oscar winning actress. So there!

wait, have I told you this story?

The line between my blog-life and my real-life blurs when I am unable to remember whether I just told a lot of people this very amusing story about bassie or if I actually blogged it. I don’t seem to see it in my archives, so stop me if you’ve heard this one… It is a [...]

i blame disney!

That’s right. It’s time for me to come out to the whole world with my “anti-Disney” smear campaign. (insert old Southern lady voice here): Used to be you worked your way up to Hollywood. You made in on Broadway first as a starlet, then, if you got lucky, made the big leap to film. You [...]

stranger than disco?

Whilst at my desk earlier today, I heard music. It was coming from my colleague’s headphones. It was the Bee Gees; “More Than a Woman”. Later, I went to pick up some challah for the upcoming Sabbath. As I entered the bakery, what should be playing, but “Night Fever”, also by the Bee Gees; also [...]

dina brings it!

Now that yosefblog is home from a harrowing summer in the mean streets of Cambridge, he gets to hear little gems like these: Dina: (emerging from her bedroom an hour after bedtime) I can’t sleep. yosefblog: What do you need? Dina: To sleep in your bed. yb: My bed?! That’s so crazy! Dina: No, Daddy; [...]

corollary to dina’s first rule of monotony

“I’m so bored of having to get gas all the time.” ‘Going to the bathroom’ is surely next…