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Monthly Archives: August 2007

once again, bassie sees the matrix.

Bassie: I think McDonald’s just gives out toys to try to trick people into eating unhealthy food. Corporate America, you have met your undoing, and it is a five and three-quarter year old girl. P.S. As I was writing this, I told Bassie I was writing about her comment about McDonald’s. She replied: “You mean, [...]

elevator snafu

Myself and Ms. X (to protect the guilty) are in the elevator at work. Ms. X: I like your shoes. Myself: Yeah, I have two pair of the same ones. You know, once you find a pair you like… Elevator stops at 3th floor and picks up a passenger, Mr. Y. Ms. X: Yeah, I [...]

girl crush!

I have a major one; on Olivia Munn. I mean, first of all, she’s beautiful and voluptuous, and, as yosefblog knows, I’m much more forgiving on the heavier side than on the skinnier side when it comes to female aesthetics. Not that she needs to ask for forgiveness, because she’s downright hot. And hilarious. And [...]

married (with blogs)

The following is a dramatization of true events: yosefblog: Hey, Eva Mendes worked out at my club today. accidentalfeminist: Oh, wow. So, was she, like, hot? yb: (pause) Yeah…yes she was. af: She’s, like, supposed to be curvy; well, curvier than the average skinny Hollywood girl. Was she? yb: She was pretty thin. I mean, [...]


Dina: I’m so tired of having to go to bed all the time. Preach it, sister (read: daughter). That might possibly be the greatest benefit to being a cyborg. Note to mad scientist creating cyborg prototypes: please make sure to include the “sleepless energy regeneration” feature.

the long goodbye= oh, THAT’S why Robert Altman is considered a genius…

…Cause, honestly, I liked “Ready to Wear” and all, but I wasn’t really ever quite, let’s say, moved by any of the films he made in my R-rated movie-viewing lifetime. But this, this was…crazy. He takes a straight noir detective novel and adapts it into a dark tinsel-town farce. I don’t even know if that’s [...]

uh, yeah, thirty.

I mean, I knew it wasn’t going to be traumatizing, but really, it’s actually pretty awesome. Also, a tip, calling yourself your upcoming age up to three months before your birthday really eases the transition quite a bit. And I’m still the “youngest Mommy in 1st grade” (as per informal poll conducted by Bassie at [...]


Rachael Ray at once symbolizes everything that’s wrong with our country, and everything that’s wrong with many of today’s so-called feminists. Some of the values she espouses that are poisoning our youth: 1. Quick and easy is just as good as patient and deliberate. 2. You don’t have to learn how to do something properly [...]

before and after

Dina, pose for a picture? Never! (If by “never” you mean “at every opportunity”, even if she’s fully aware that you are using a fake camera and going “click” with your mouth). At any rate, check out these before and after shots:

When I work the girls this morning to the news that their Bubbie’s three duck eggs had hatched, they were beside themselves. Dina, the tough one, actually cried tears of joy. (Bassie was unimpressed. “I do that all the time, Dina!”) They’re both very excited, but Bassie has taken especially fondly to them. The seem [...]