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Monthly Archives: July 2007

the big easy= i’ll have a muffalata w/ dennis quaid filling

Wow. This movie did for Dennis Quaid in my mind what the combination of “Chicago” did for Richard Gere, and “Evita” did for Antonio Banderas. I’m sure that makes perfect sense. Of course you understand that I mean that, like seeing Richard Gere in “Chicago”, watching Quaid in “The Big Easy” actually made me respect [...]

tiny classified ads…

This book stinks of the worst kind of financial self-help dung. I refuse to read it, based on the following assumptions that it makes: * Anyone can get rich if they follow it. * Work sucks and is only a means to an end (read: leisure, which in Ferriss’s case, involves riding motorcycles and dancing [...]

sex, lies, and videotape

This is what I have learned about James Spader* so far this summer: 1. He can cure any woman of any type of sexual dysfunction. 2. He looks incredibly sexy when he lets a woman come up behind him and run her fingers through his beautiful blond hair while he succumbs to the intense, erotic [...]

british women lie!

I’m not exactly sure what the point of this article is, because I’m distracted by the amusing little bits of British idiom sprinkled throughout. “The National Scruples and Lies Survey 2004 also found plenty of porkies were told over the Christmas period.” My Lord, really!? Porkies!? Good heavens! “A quarter (23%) would “sneak a bottle [...]

why smart women make perfectly normal money decisions

That’s going to be the follow-up title to this little gem that is currently in my bathroom. It will include such case studies as: 1. You get a shirt from anthropologie as a birthday gift. It is too big, so you go to return it. You only have a $50 credit, but when you get [...]

and that, kids, is freedom of speech…

But really, do my four and five year old daughters have to be subjected to 4 foot tall posters of botched abortions? Just a question. And the funny thing is, all these people did is turn my negative feelings toward the images they were showing onto them for sticking them in my face and the [...]

johnna mink: the susan b. anthony of pole dancing

Please, someone comment when this video can be found online, because it was hi-la-ri-ous! Why do these people not realize that Stephen Colbert will make them look foolish, foolish, foolish? Of course, Johnna is probably having the last laugh as her enrollment triples tomorrow. And for those of you who did not find any irony [...]

old news: colbert on o’reilly

I know this is old, but I happened to stumble across it just now (I had seen O’Reilly on Colbert when it aired), and I was absolutely blown away by the morbidity of the lack of studio audience. That said, listen for the uncontrolled laughter that intermittently emanates from, who, the interns? The key grip? [...]

big night on “big love”

Edited version:Yosef says this needs a “spoiler alert”. This is because he is less self-centered and generally less of a d-bag than me…

is this some sort of cruel joke?

I’m sorry, but who ever heard of a 4th of July parade where they don’t throw candy at the children, or at least hand our key chains, or even paper fans with company logos on them? Evanston Township, you’re on serious notice. And just so you know what I had to resort to because of [...]