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Monthly Archives: June 2007

af summer movie festival entry #2: talladega nights

This one was for all of my male high school students who just couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it already! Now, I understand why they love it, and I don’t want to take that away from them. I mean, they also think “Crash” is, like, the deepest movie ever made (“OMG! It’s like, all of [...]

humor 101

At the beach… Me: Thanks for getting water on the towel, Bassie. Bassie: Why did you say thank you if you don’t mean it? Me: Oh, it’s sarcasm. Bassie: What’s that? Me: When you say the opposite of what you mean. Like when I say “Oh, Bassie, could you please whine some more. I love [...]

af summer movie festival entry #1: secretary

Well, we all know my affinity for the hot version of James Spader (not the “purposely-let-himself-go-to-prove-that-sex-appeal-is-about-attitude-not-physique” James Spader from Boston Legal), so this was quite a treat in that regard. Regarding the obvious selling point of the film, a supposedly honest and quirky look at the world of dominant/submissive sexuality, I felt mixed. It definitely [...]

that wasn’t drunk blogging; this is drunk blogging

This will either prove or disprove my theory that I am just as normal and/or outlandish whether or not I have imbibed. I had a fun night tonight, if not surreal. I went to a benefit for an artists colony, and there were two distinct types there: the twenty-something artist set, and the 40 to [...]

good mother milestone #27

Bassie just had her first play date turned dinner date. I made Poached Salmon in Cream Sauce with Cheese Pasta. The verdict from Bassie’s friend: You’re a good cook! (And she wasn’t lying; she cleaned her plate!) Ah, yes, seven year olds like my cooking. I feel like mounting my Ford Windstar and driving off [...]

knocked up= wait? you mean I’m not supposed to think that seth rogen is the kind of guy i’d consider dating?

I mean, call me crazy, but I think he’s got it going on! Jewfro, 80s movie references, super-sweetness. I think that all girls wish they were “too pretty” and “too sophisticated” for “that dude”, but they should really thank their lucky stars if they end up with him, and not some gelled-hair, ascot-wearing, cheating-at-his-bachelor-party prick. [...]

extra extra! the conclusion…

Okay, we got it! I asked Bassie once again today about the concept of “Extra Medium”. I started by asking her what “medium” was. Here’s how it went down: Bassie: Well, like me and Daddy are the medium ages in the family, because we’re in the middle. Me: So “Medium” means somewhere in the middle? [...]

maxim’s got it all wrong!

Conversely, any Hot List that has Kate Winslet in the Top 10 where she belongs, and includes Tina Fey and Parker Posey has it all right (I’ll even forgive the inclusion of Drew Barrymore and Demi Moore; hey, it takes all types…) Of course, Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan are rightly beloved by guys and [...]

Small Mediums at Large

Bassie: (Noticing the tag on a pair of shorts I was buying in line at Target) What does “M” stand for? Me: Medium. What do you think “S” stands for? Bassie: Short? Me: Good Guess. Small. What about “L”? Bassie: Large? Me: Good. What about “XL”? Bassie: (Growing ever more confident) Extra Large! Me: Good. [...]

You work it, Ellen Barkin!

I’d put Ellen Barkin up there with Lauren Bacall on my list of inspiring Jewish Women of Hollywood. They’ve both aged with dignity and beauty (and neither with plastic surgery); both bring to the screen a truly sensual and strong womanly sensibility– but they won’t let that strength force them to play the virgin-whore that, [...]