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Monthly Archives: May 2007

bringing sexy back

Oh how I long for the 30s, when voluptuous wasn’t a euphemism for “fat”, and being able to see someone’s ribcage was considered wholly unattractive. The “girls guys like to look at” vs. “girls guys like to touch” phenomenon has been plaguing me since Jr. High, when my boyfriends would remind me with some sort [...]

love to love to hate to love them

Whilst in my pretentious college days I once argued with a classmate over who was hotter: Raskolnikov or Hamlet, these days I am stumped as to who to crown my tv fantasy boyfriend (oh, where has the ivory tower gone?). Here’s the rundown: House: Brilliant Asshole Jack Bauer: Tactically Perfect w/ a Martyr-Complex Alan Shore: [...]

the piano teacher= i swear the emperor is naked

I know, I know; Ebert loved it, Cannes loved it, the Village Voice loved it (although they hated “Five Towns”, so what do they know?), but I just wasn’t impressed. Maybe with the acting, okay. Maybe if I had read the book I’d have a little more context (some of the linking threads that might [...]

err on the side of stoicism

When I was a young lassie, my mother handled my absolutely horrid adolescent behavior by, as I used to call it, “freaking out” (Hi, Mom; I love you). As a young pre-teen, I determined that this was not an effective method for handling wayward youth, and decided then and there that I would not behave [...]

keeping up with the steins= ari gold: the movie

At least they could have changed Jeremy Piven’s character, like, at all; you know, just to show he has some range. I mean, he must; he was trained at that esteemed Chicago landmark that brought us Lily Taylor and John (and, yes, fine, to a lesser extent, Joan) Cusak. I did enjoy being able to [...]

boston legal makes more than just baby boomers feel old

Yes, it’s a touching show with spot-on comedic writing about aging, male friendship, the politics of compassion, and the internal struggle between moral integrity and monetary success. It also places me squarely in an age bracket that I continue to resist. Some examples: When I talk about the show to my high school students, they [...]

why won’t everyone just shut up about sarah silverman already?

No, for real, this is an interesting article, and it’s not all about her, although from the moment I started reading it is was sort of like “Okay, when are they going to start talking about Sarah Silverman?”, and I’m really happy for her, although I sort of agree with the tone of this piece [...]


Bassie: (as we are driving away from a toll booth on 294) How do toll booth workers get to work?

nerd v. nerd (v. nerd*)

This actually happened to me tonight: Me: (approaching Steve and taking the book out of my bag) I’m such a nerd; I bought this book after I read a good review of it in The Economist. Steve: (taking the book in hand) Oh, yeah, according to The Guardian, it’s required reading. *see comments for the [...]


Last night, an hour after bedtime, Dina was attempting to stave off sleep by, it seems, pretending to be a fireman/parking cop: When she caught me trying to take this picture, she slowly walked back into her room, emerged sans hat and pad, and disciplined me: “There is a rule: no pictures at bedtime…but, you [...]