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Monthly Archives: April 2007

okay, well, back to life…

Why have two shows, “The Girls Next Door” and “Big Love“, both about polyamorousness, taken off this past year? And, really, they couldn’t be more different: Reality Show vs. Complete Fabrication Hot Playboy Chicks vs. Stuffy (if hot) Mormon Ladies Absence of Sexual Taboos vs. Presence of a Myriad of Taboos (all except being married [...]

this is serious

A student in my Jr. English class died this weekend. I’ll not be voyouristic and link to the various articles about it. She was out w/ her friends on a rooftop in Goose Island and accidentally fell through a skylight. When Yosef called to tell me the news, I had just come out of Second [...]

young mothers

Bassie (at bedtime): Mommy…you’re really young for a Mommy. Most Mommy’s are, like, 39, or 40, or something. Besides for the obvious appeal to my vanity, I love the idea of Bassie and her friends sitting around, as children do, and comparing things like how many siblings they have, how many times they’ve been on [...]


So my newly formed (and beloved) iO team had rehearsal last night. And we were given some advice: don’t knock girls around on stage. It may look fun, it may even seem fun, but the audience will turn on the guy who does it, and you will never get them back. So our first reaction [...]

“i feel like i don’t even have any parents”

Bassie never ceases to impress me with her ingenious and inventive guilt-eliciting techniques. This one was an attempt to get a more satisfactory and therefore labor-intensive bedtime out of me. Why don’t you just guess if it worked…