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Monthly Archives: March 2007

I thought I asked to be taken off the mailing list…

I’m not going to provide a link to the website of this organization, nor will I list its name on this blog, for fear that I will inadvertently become part of some Evangelical webring, but I just have to share with you the charming cover of a pamphlet I received today. Imagine, if you will, [...]

answer: “phrase that will induce vomiting if I hear it one more time on ’24′?”

“Uh, what is ‘within the hour’, Alex?” I mean, at least you could rotate a little; “greater than 10 minutes, less than 60″, “before lunch”, or “soon…very soon” are some humble suggestions.

today was “that day”

Bassie: Mommy, I’m going to ask you a question, and I don’t want you to laugh, and I want you to think about it before you answer. (Oh, here it comes, what will I say, oh no, I’m not ready, I knew this day would come, I…) Me: Okay, honey. Bassie: Does it hurt to [...]

clap to humor the fairies

Bassie saw “Peter Pan” yesterday, which she loved. When I asked her about Tinkerbell, she said, “Oh, yeah, when Tink drank the poison, everyone had to clap to make her come back alive, even if you didn’t believe in fairies.” Me: What? You don’t believe in fairies? Bassie: No, but I clapped anyway. Me: Why [...]

the perks of having children

I emerge from the bedroom this morning and check on Dina, who I had set-up with a movie a few minutes earlier while I was getting dressed. Me: Good morning, Sweetie. Dina: Good morning, Lovie. And, 1…2…3…awwww.


Yesterday I took my kids and my mother-in-law (Hi Mom!) to see West Side Story. I love the show, and it was a great production. But something strange happened to me while Tony and Maria were singing “Tonight.” Let me give you some background. In high school I had a friend/boyfriend with whom I had [...]

and her parents must be so proud!

My objection to this advertisement is simple: it is just completely unrealistic to suggest that a band of gang rapists would be that well dressed and groomed. Come on! yosef’s insight might be more sociopolitically sound: didn’t feminism teach us that it’s a woman’s right to choose to be gang raped?

notes on a scandal= awk-ward!

I can’t imagine that any young, female middle or high school teacher could watch this movie and not squirm. Icky! That said, everyone was incredibly well cast: *The “love interest”: good looking, but clearly just barely past puberty…and those freckles! It’s not like “Desperate Housewives” where you can pretty much understand why Gabrielle is having [...]

women in comedy- more thoughts

Now that I am back in the world of comedy and improvisation, I’ve been hearing a lot of opining about the role of women in comedy. Some of the things I have been hearing * You’re the funniest non-lesbian woman I know. * You will have a better chance of making it in the improv [...]

happy bassie devotion day

No joke. Bassie tld me about it yesterday, as in: Bassie: Mommy, tomorrow is Bassie Devotion Day. Me: Oh, what’s that? Bassie: It’s a day my friends made when they’re devoted to me. You know, like making pictures for me and stuff. Turns out she’s got a little fan club among a couple of the [...]