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Monthly Archives: February 2007

henry and june = clap if you believe in movies!

Every so often a movie comes along that one can watch and be simultaneously in awe of the deliberateness of the film making itself, and moved by the realness of it. This was such a movie. No, seriously, I’m not being ironic. The cinematography deserved the Oscar for which it was nominated, the dialogue was [...]

dina-nary, part ii

sometimes: in the near and general future, i.e. “Can we get ice cream sometimes?” or “Can we take the El sometimes?”

“D” is for…

Many of you have already heard the story about how, despite my acceptance of the relative truth of the “softball lesbian” stereotype, I was naive enough to think that, at a Division III school like the University of Chicago, the percentage of same-sex loving girls on the team woulf be severely reduced, due to the [...]


wind (pronounced like the noun) away: v. to be blown out of one’s hand or off one’s person, usually by way of a blustery wind. e.g. “I have to hold onto my picture tight or it will wind away.” “My hat is winding away.”

V-Day vs. D-Day

V-Day: Lots of chocolate. D-Day: Lots of blood. V-Day: Valentines left on my desk from “secret admirers” (i.e. students wanting extra credit). D-Day: Secret and deadly attack on the western front. V-Day: Thousands of high school kids roaming the halls, jacked up on hormones and refined sugar. D-Day: Thousands of soldiers storming Normandy Beach, jacked [...]

who’s the best mommy, girls?

That would be me, who for the entire ride to school this morning put on an improvised episode of “Calliou”, complete with voices (I’m a dead ringer for Calliou; I do a passable dad, and all the puppets; my “kind old lady” narrator needs work, and I have no sense for the mom). Every two [...]

the nerd gene

Bassie came home yesterday with a sheet of paper with three giant, handwritten division problems on it. I asked if she was doing division in class. “No,” she said. “I was just pretending I was in first grade and I had homework.” Little does she know that her mommy also used to make “fake” homework [...]

super bowl shovel

someone get me one to bury rex grossman with…as I write this, the super bowl is nearing its conclusion, and I will say now: ** Payton Manning deserves this game. ** Not usually an professional sports officionado, and only a recent football convert (now that we have HDTV and I can actually follow the plays) [...]